Why Choose A Destination Wedding?

The real question is why NOT choose a destination wedding? Weddings are a ONCE in a lifetime experience, a day that is all about you and the one you love the most in this world. Why not make that day one to remember? A destination wedding ensures that you and your love’s special day will be in a place that you both love equally as much as you love each other. It is an escape from reality for just a day to cherish each other and embrace nothing but that moment.

Do you really need more of a reason then that?

If you’re still reading this i’m guessing your answer was yes, and lucky for you I have several reasons why a destination wedding is the wedding for you! Let’s start with the fact that everyone, and I do mean everyone LOVES going on vacation. Drinks, family, fun, relaxation. Come on, what’s not to love? Besides the fact that everyone going to the wedding will be excited to visit a new destination, with all the people they love around them, it’s also SIMPLER than your everyday wedding. Less planning is required, equallying less stress for everyone. Typically destination weddings are also less expensive than your day to day wedding, no need to count every dollar you are spending with a destination wedding especially with a good travel agent the price is laid out.

Still not convinced a destination wedding is right for you?

Let’s dig a little deeper, when deciding what wedding is right for you all things need to be taken into consideration. A typical wedding celebration lasts a day and then it’s over, it will come and go faster than the blink of an eye. With a destination wedding, the celebration lasts as long as the vacation does! The celebration also becomes more intimate due to only the people who truly love and care about both the bride and groom will be there.

There you have it. Surrounded by the people who you love most, in the most beautiful location you could dream of, with a less stressful and a better priced wedding then your average wedding. These are only a few of the reasons why a destination wedding is the wedding for you! If you are ready to dream up your destination wedding or have further questions please reach out to our destination specialist!

“Live your life by a compass, not by a clock.”


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