Welcome to Jamaica

The land of jerk chicken and rum.

When we arrived at the airport in Montego Bay we were immediately greeted and walked to the lounge room that had rum cakes and fruity rum drinks. We were then taken to our driver as you can see in the video, nothing but hospitality was given to us, plus a bunch of snacks. Just like that we were off and headed to the Sandals Resort that we had heard so much about. Along the way we got to experience their city life. No one really drove because gas was $8.00 per gallon. Therefore everyone was on foot, and the roads were extremely small and crowded. "Left side Suicide" that's what our driver would tell us, because they drive on the opposite side of the road that we do. Our driver stopped along the way to let us get a real taste of Jamaica at a small shop that served Jamaican Jerk chicken and plantains. Let me tell you, they were DELICIOUS. Just as we had hoped. Before we knew it, we arrived. To the place that we've dreamed about going to since we were young. The resort was all inclusive and included 9 restaurants to choose from at anytime, 7 bars, entertainment every night, unlimited water sports, and the best part the Bungalow! If any of you are planning to take a trip to Jamaica I strongly suggest this resort. The hospitality is unbelievable and the amount of activities offered will keep you busy, or you can sneak off to your Bungalow to relax. Included with our Bungalow purchase was two butlers, Kevin and Steven. The best two butlers you could ever ask for. They let us know from the start that they were there to enhance our experience while we were here.

"Because everything in Jamaica is Irey" that's what Kevin would always tell us. Irey means "all good" in their language. We found out that Jamaica is a very poor country, but we also learned that sometimes less is more. My favorite part about going to a new place is experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, and of course trying new food.

So there you have it, Jamaica.

Red stands for the Blood that was shed.

Yellow for the wealth of the homeland.

& Green for the lushness of resources.

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