The Story of Us

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Can you imagine going your entire life wondering what life would be like if you just took that chance? Made that decision? What if you went an entire life time without getting to experience the one thing you've always wanted?

We are Destination Designers, the design team of your dreams. We are two ordinary people with one extraordinary goal. We love to travel the world and our goal when creating this company was to be able to live our wildest dreams, and work for ourselves while doing so. We hope to gain you as one of our life long followers to watch us explore the world and help us design our next big trips.

But first..

This is the story of us.

Thomas and I got together when we were young and have always wanted to travel the world and see new places. From the beginning we were constantly planning surprises and trips for each other, and then eventually we planned our next big excursions together. We have visited 30 of the 50 states, we have resided in three of those states, and just recently started to travel internationally.

The best thing about traveling is that you can design your own Destiney. Where you came from, where you are going, and what it looks like on the way there. You can decide who to bring with you on your journey and who to leave behind, you can experience things you never knew about, and convince yourself to live life to the fullest. We took our greatest adventure in January of 2017, the first big move. We both had never moved far away from home, which was Freeport, IL to us but at the beginning of 2017 we relocated to Jacksonville, FL. Tommy wanted to become a diver, a commercial diver to be exact and I was ready to take on the adventure, so with that being said we packed up the u-haul, our rabbit Lola, and puppy Monster and started our journey to our new home on San Pablo Ave located in Jacksonville, Florida. Let me tell you from experience, leaving home is the most nerve recking, exciting, and mysterious moment in your life. But let me tell you, It was worth it.

From this moment on, we decided traveling was our passion and its the only thing that made sense to us. We constantly are trying something new and live for adventure. It was only a few months into our move when we both started diving. For him, diving was second nature, but for me, not so much. I took on the challenge to overcome my fear of being in the water to prove to myself there was no challenge in life I couldn't handle. And just like that we did it, we both were officially certified and ready to dive for life. Tommy accomplished his dreams of becoming a diver, and I overcame my biggest fear when we were in Jacksonville.

So there you have it. Us, in a nut shell.

We now reside in Wisconsin, planning our next big adventure and deciding what we will do and where we will go. We created Destination Designers to give you a way out of creating the destination of your dreams and allowing a trusted traveler to do it for you. We guarantee satisfaction when designing your destinations because we know how important a dream is, and will ensure to tailor to yours.

The question is..

What destination are you dreaming of?

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