Destination Journal Launch!!

Hello travelers!

Thank you for visiting our page today and reading more about the Destination Journal we have decided to create! The idea of the Destination Journal is to keep all of our wanderlust travelers up to speed with our most recent trips along with some fun facts about the areas that we visit. We will be writing weekly journals about our weekly destination of choice! We love to travel and hate that we aren't able to do it right now, but why spend time dreaming when you could be blogging about these beautiful places?!

We're here to keep all of the wanderlust travelers who aren't able to wander off their couches entertained and intrigued until you are able to venture around the world again! Learning about new places is one of the best things about life, there is no single place we have to visit twice. When we take trips we take several photos and will be writing in our Destination Journal so we can share our experience with all of you! We also want suggestions for our next trip! What places excite you? What's one place in the world you've always wanted to go? Let us do the looking for you! Creating a Destination Journal isn't just about trips that have already been taken, it's about DREAMING up the next big destinations!

So my next question is...what destination are you dreaming of?

Message us below!

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