Become a master traveler!

Do you want to visit a new place, but nervous to go somewhere new all by yourself? It's totally understandable, but don't let your fear of a new adventure get in the way of actually taking that trip! There are so many amazing places to see in this world, don't let fear stop you. Instead, I'm here to help you conquer that fear so that you may feel like a master of travel just in time to take your next vacation! There is so much advice I could give to you when traveling, but I'm going to narrow it down to help you achieve a relaxing vacation without all of that travel anxiety. There are a few important things to remember when traveling that will make that travel anxiety disappear:

1. Preparation is key. When you are planning to take a vacation make sure that you have the proper assistance in planning that vacation. Nothing is more stressful then last minute planning or not being aware of what needs to be done before your upcoming trip. The best way to prepare? Plan ahead. Get a travel agent if you don't like to do the planning yourself. Having a good travel agent is one of the best ways to prepare for an upcoming trip, and will relieve a ton of travel anxiety for you. We offer plenty of assistance if you are in need of a trusted travel agent.

2. Create a budget. This is a big one. Many people think its okay just to bring a lump sum of money, but it's super important to create a budget for yourself. Figure out how many days you want to travel, and within that plan figure out how much you'd like to spend on the entire trip. That way you can take that amount and divide it by the number of days you will be gone and BOOM. Travel budget. Now you know what you can spend each day and can plan accordingly.

3. Book ahead of time. Last minute booking is SO STRESSFUL. Can you agree? When you book ahead of time it creates less worry for you when the trip is upon you. I recommend booking your trip 3-4 months ahead of time. This ensures the best price, and the most amount of time for planning and leaves room for unexpected events that might cause a hiccup in your travel experience.

4. Pack LIGHT. Depending on your destination and the length of your travel this advice will vary. It's always easier when traveling to bring ONLY a carry on. The reason for this is because then you don't have to worry about checking your bag, and waiting on long lines at the airport to do so. It also reduces the stress of possibly losing your luggage or waiting long periods of time to obtain your luggage when you get there. If you can avoid it, I highly recommend doing so. Bringing a carry on and a personal item is almost always enough and much more stress free then checking baggage.

5. Gather all belongings TWO nights prior to departure of your flight. You will thank me later for this one. The night before a flight can cause the most travel anxiety, almost as bad as being at the airport. Especially if you have an early morning flight. Make a list of the things you want to bring and make sure to have them all packed up two nights prior to leaving to ensure you have everything needed for your trip.

These are just a few of the things that have worked for me to avoid any travel anxiety on an upcoming trip! The main piece of advice that I hope you take away from this reading is this, the earlier you plan the trip the better and preparation is key! Traveling can be nerve wrecking, but it is SO rewarding! Once you conquer those first time travel jitters you will be surprised how much more comfortable you will become each and every time you travel. If in doubt, find yourself a good travel agent. As a travel agent, our goal is to remove all of that travel anxiety from the beginning for you so you can just enjoy your trip!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I wish you the best of luck in all of your future travel endeavors. Remember to always live your life by a compass, not by a clock.

Until next time, travelers!

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