Daytona Beach Shores, Florida


"A lover of the sea"


A "thalassophile" is someone who loves the sea and the ocean. These types of people will gravitate towards the water wherever they go and find themselves near the ocean every chance they get. 

Destination Journal Entry #2: Daytona Beach Shores, our happy place. Where the seafood is to die for and the views are even better. We traveled down to Daytona Beach about 4 years ago and haven't stopped going back since. We enjoy the views of the ocean during a long summer walk as the sunset goes down, and eating crab legs over the ocean in the evenings. Our last trip to Daytona Beach we ventured around on kayaks in search for Manatees and other wild life. Daytona is a prime area with many forms of wildlife, usually within touching distance! One of my favorite things about visiting Daytona is eating endless sushi and riding Jetskis around the dolphins. We love to dive in this area during the afternoons when all of the wildlife is out, and then enjoy bike rides along the shores in the evening. There is constantly something going on at the shores, it's just a matter of finding it!

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