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Every year 8 million metric tons of trash enters the ocean, that is on top of the 500 million metric tons that is already circulating through the ocean. 4Ocean is a company that cleans up trash in the oceans all over the world. This company started their mission in Bali, Indonesia where they began to clean the plastic from the oceans.  As many of you know, we are divers. We love the ocean and all of the animals that live in its presence. We have always wanted to be part of something bigger then ourselves and wanted to support a good cause. We stumbled upon this company, 4Ocean, when we were looking into different causes we could support and found this one to be perfect for us. To give a brief description of 4Ocean would be to state that the company is a purpose driven company. They pick up trash that has been released into the ocean, and recycle the products into bracelets which helps save the animals and fund the operation therefore making it possible to pick up more trash all over the world.  Every bracelet sold is a pound of trash taken from the ocean. Each bracelet represents a different animal that resides in the area in which the trash was pulled, by wearing the bracelet you are stating that you are for the movement towards cleaner oceans.